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Beauty Bandits was founded in May of 2017 by LA Based Celebrity Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist, Caitlin Cassidy. They are a full service, mobile beauty salon, operating out of a Vintage Airstream who provide a wide range of beauty services, including : Makeup Applications, Hairstyling & Haircutting, Skincare Services, Faux EyeLash Applications, Eyebrow Tweezing & Cleanup, as well as Custom, 100% Organic, Airbrush Tans (Face & Body). Having worked as a LOCAL 706 Union Makeup Artist, in the Film and Television Industry, since 2006, and also in discussing with her clients, Caitlin discovered something that was seriously lacking in her industry : LESS PAMPERING, MORE EFFICIENCY. Many of her close friends are artists, actors, DJ's, etc. who all travel the majority of their time for work; they all expressed the fact that they were tired of hiring unskilled, unprofessional Makeup and Hair people, for $30 a session, off of those mobile beauty apps, and that they would rather spend more money for an artist who has some real, solid experience under their belt. Beauty Bandits is made up of a team of Crazy Talented, Creative Artists, who are also extremely Hardworking and take pride in the fact they can help their clients save time in their very busy lives... time that they can then share with their families and friends. The Bandits work everything from Private Events at Client's Homes, to Holiday Parties, Birthday Celebrations and Weddings, to Film & Music Festivals, Cultural Events around the City, Flea Markets & Swap Meets, Farmers Markets, and Film and Television Studio Rentals too. 

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What We Do ...


Beauty Bandits are a team of mobile beauty professionals based in LA, who offer Makeup, Hair, Skincare and Custom Airbrush Services, all while operating out of a vintage style airstream.


They are a team of badass beauties who travel across the US bringing their mobile salon services to you. The most popular service they offer is Face and Body Painting. 


You can catch the Bandits working at a variety of events such as : Birthday Celebrations, Halloween Parties, Holiday Events, Cultural Festivities around the US, Film and Music Festivals, Private House Calls, and the list goes on and on.


The scope of work includes fantasy style makeups, character makeups, special fx makeups, high fashion and editorial looks, halloween makeups and animal characters from head to toe.

Prosthetics can also be added to the face and/or the body, for any single one of these kinds of makeups.


The makeup products that are used for the face/body painting services are decided upon according to each clients personal needs and wants. Any allergies to specific makeup or skin care products are noted before the service commences.


Beauty Bandits guarantees each and every one of their clients has their own personal experience and that the products used on their faces and bodies are customized for them and their own specific needs.    


Beauty Bandits use a wide range of makeup & skincare products to achieve the vast array of characters and looks they paint on all sorts of faces and bodies. They want to give their clients a lot of options, in the case of skin sensitivities and allergies. 

Depending on the clients personalized needs and wants and also on the look that needs to be achieved, Beauty Bandits will use cream makeups, alcohol based makeups, water based makeups, silicone based makeups or mineral makeups. The kind of makeup that is used is based on the decision of the client.

 The tools Beauty Bandits use when Face & Body Painting are either an Airbrush or just their own two hands, along with a brush & a sponge.